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Welcome and Rules


We Take All Models And Art

1) You can Join and Submit freely
a. Please submit into the correct folders.
b. Especially Adult Models and Art
c. Just make sure to use the mature content settings appropriately so we don't have any offended viewers.
2) All Models and Art of all types are welcome.
3) Make sure to the credit models you use so you are not accused of stealing.
4) If we do not have a folder for your model or art please note me and I will have that ready for you.
5) Have Fun
6) Do not Be Rude Please.

Will added more as needed.

Group Info

Yeah We Are Now Open For Models And Art

M&A are short for Models and Art. This will be a place that will hold a Archive of all the Models and Art I can fine. This will be another place for artist to post there models in case something happens with other groups or something completely different. Also my group will help lighten the load that others group have.

So come and join
Ps: more info will be posted soon
Pss: Add art and models to the main folder until I can get folders set up

looking for 2 co-founders to help me when I cant run the group during collage hours
Founded 2 Years ago
Aug 20, 2014


Group Focus
XNA/XPS Models and Art

177 Members
291 Watchers
56,960 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

TW-AC-WD Raymond Kenney by emir2015
TW-AC William Miles by emir2015
TW-AC Otso Berg by emir2015
TW-AC Daniel Cross by emir2015
Alice Madness Returns Models
Models A:MR mods by Anna Ladanova [XPS | XNALara] by brown-rose
Ground for XPS - AMA original textures by brown-rose
Hysteria Artbook Model Link. by Grim-Heaper
Alice Snow White mod [new] by Brusya
Alice Madness Returns Art
Inside my mind by LingLostHappinesXiao
Queen of Hearts by LingLostHappinesXiao
Embrace the madness by Cindy-Neko-Chan
Alice approves by Cindy-Neko-Chan
Assassin's Creed Models
Assassin's Creed I - Desmond Miles by o0Cristian0o
AC Desmond Miles XNA by SumireHaikuXNA
AC4 James Kidd - Mary Read XNA by SumireHaikuXNA
Assassin's Creed Art
Sassy by SumireHaikuXNA
Portrayed Assassin by SumireHaikuXNA
Ezio? Is It Really You? by WhiteMagickMage
Ezio Is Not Amused by WhiteMagickMage
Adult Models

Mature Content

Deadpool (Custom Model for XNALara/XPS) by XNALara-Fanatic

Mature Content

Bstylez's Psylocke (Edited) by XNALara-Fanatic

Mature Content

MrUncleBingo's Elektra for XNALara/XPS by XNALara-Fanatic
Glory (Shadowrun Dragonfall) Xnalara by XeNmAs-Lara
Adult Art

Mature Content

Happy New Year! by dukenukemnever

Mature Content

WIP: new Lara Croft nude model by g1pno

Mature Content

Merry Xmas 2016! by dukenukemnever

Mature Content

Merry Chirstmas 2016 (Part Two) by XNALara-Fanatic
Bayonetta Models
Bayonetta White Short by O-Luna-O
Bayonetta Seriously by KammyMods
Bayonetta Nun Outfit by KammyMods
Bayonetta Animal Forms by KammyMods
Bayonetta Art
Umbran Elegance by PhilipMessina
Bayonetta (Prototype) by PhilipMessina
Bayonetta Nun by PhilipMessina
High School Teacher Jeanne Secret Identity Cutie J by PhilipMessina
Bioshock Models
Work Bench - Bioshock Infinite by Elizabeth-De-Witt
BioShock Infinite Columbia Part 1 by ArmachamCorp
BioShock Infinite Columbia Part 2 by ArmachamCorp
BioShock Infinite Skylines by ArmachamCorp
Bioshock Art
Elizabeth Comstock Render by arpith20
Borderlands Models
Borderlands 2 Moxxi by ArmachamCorp
Borderlands Art
B-Team by A-lir-A

Mature Content

CLOS I The Forgotten One +18 By Kyle Neaj by KyleNeaj-AneiKeno
Call Of Duty Models
Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger for XNALara/XPS by XNALara-Fanatic
Call Of Duty Art
Crossover Art
Fight On! - And the Battle Continues! by Joel1122334455
DC Models
Injustice Custom Model: Deadpool by TheG-Flash
DC Art
Catwoman Face Pose Pack by arpith20
Dead Rising Models
DR3 Sgt. Hilde Schmittendorf by thePWA
Dead Rising Art
Devil May Cry 1-4 Models

Mature Content

DMC4 Kyrie mod by ranwolf1976
Devil May Cry 1-4 Art
Romantic Happy New Year 2017 by DanteDevilKnight
DmC Reboot Models
DmC Dante DLC XNA by SumireHaikuXNA
DmC Reboot Art
Hangover by SumireHaikuXNA
Dead Or Alive Models
Mai Shiranui Summer Festival DLC MOD by XNALara-Fanatic
Dead Or Alive Art

Mature Content

Why Hayate Isn't in Ninja Gaiden by XNALara-Fanatic
Dead Space Models
Dead Space 3: Artic And Witness Suit by XNASyndicate
Dead Space Art
Bachelor Isaac Clarke by CharonA101
Deus Ex Models
Deus Ex Human Revolution Zhao Yun Ru by ArmachamCorp
Deus Ex Art
Diablo Models
XPS - Diablo 3 - Wizard Download by SovietMentality
Diablo Art
Diablo 3 RoS - Demon Hunter Invites you by SovietMentality
Dragon Age Models
Dragon Age II: Misc Characters for XNALara/XPS - 2 by Berserker79
Dragon Age Art
Dragon Age - Captain Fernando Silva da Rialto (OC) by Berserker79
Digimon Models
Digimon Art
Dishonored Models
Dishonored Art
Drakengard Models
Drakengard 3 Five by ArmachamCorp
Drakengard Art
Zero says SIZE MATTERS by PhilipMessina
Dynasty Warriors Models
Dynasty Warriors 8 Diao Chan by ArmachamCorp
Dynasty Warriors Art
Daughter of the Sun God by TheClassyCat
F.E.A.R Models
F.E.A.R. 2 - APC by Mageflower
F.E.A.R. Art
Alma Wade by xBaebsae
Final Fantasy Models
Xell Dincht [XPS] by LexaKiness
Final Fantasy Art
Romantic Red by Joel1122334455
General Male Models
WWE 07 - Kurt Angle by DatKofGuy
General Female Models
Regina (Dino Crisis) by jilllovesada
General Animals Models
GTA V - Chop by o0Cristian0o
General Creatures Models
The Spitter - Left 4 Dead 2 by XNALara-Fanatic
General Vehicles Models
BMX [XPS] by LexaKiness
General Environments Models
DSW Church Hall by Evo-ker
General Items Models
King Boo's Crown XPS by Sasuke-Bby
General Weapons Models
TERA Elleon weapon skins  by Tiffli
Halo Models
Kig-Yar/Jackals and Yanme/Drone for XNALara/XPS by XNALara-Fanatic
Halo Art
Pillars of sin - XNA by Dreadmaster231
Killing Floor Models
Harold Lott - Killing Floor by JhonyHebert
Killing Floor Art
Last Second Rescue by Joel1122334455
Kingdom Hearts Models
Cloud KH 1 [XPS] by LexaKiness
Kingdom Hearts Art
Turn Around, Terra by XSamuraiEdgeX
Mass Effect Models
ME3 Diana Allers HR by g1pno
Mass Effect Art
Mass Effect - RandR series: Drinking Contest by Berserker79
Marvel Models
Fantomex for XNALara/XPS by XNALara-Fanatic
Marvel Art
Deadpool Defeats the Punisher by XNALara-Fanatic
Mesh Mods Models
Kate Casual Meshmod By LLHX (download) by LingLostHappinesXiao
Metal Gear Game Models

Mature Content

Quiet nude mod by Oz-riel
Metal Gear Game Art
Absence of words - Quiet [Metal Gear Solid V] by LaceWingedSaby
Misc Models
Ninjato Pack for XNALara/XPS by XNALara-Fanatic
Misc Art
Misa Mitsurugi - The Flow of Traditions by Joel1122334455
Movie and OC Mesh Models
XNALara - ROTG - Jack Frost Download by SovietMentality
Mortal Kombat Models

Mature Content

Hayate (Sub Zero Cosplay) by XNALara-Fanatic
Mortal Kombat Art
In Case of Rival Encounter by Joel1122334455
NIER Models
NIER Pictures
Kaine Educated Warrior by PhilipMessina
Naruto Models
Naruto - Ino Yamanaka PACK (Ver. 1.2) FOR XPS!! by MVegeta
Naruto Art

Mature Content

Soft... by NikySHouse
Onechanbara Models
Onechanbara Art
OutLast Models
XNALara| OUTLAST [PACK] by Yoshi-Akira
OutLast Art
Pokemon Models
Pokemon Go - Spark XPS DL by SovietMentality
Pokemon Art
Ada Wong _ Happy New Year Friends by LeonCray
Resident Evil Models
RE6 Leon president office by Adngel
Resident Evil Mesh Models
Helena Harper (Bikini) by jilllovesada
Resident Evil Art
Merry X'mas guys! by LeonCray
Shin Megami Tensei Models
Shin Megami Tensei Art
Silent Hill Models
Harry Mason - Silent Hill : Shattered Memories by JhonyHebert
Silent Hill Art
Judgement by CharonA101
Street Fighter Models
Juri Alt. Costume 2 - Street Fighter 5 by AnthonyMidnight
Street Fighter Art
Hadou Annihilation by Joel1122334455
Smite Models
SMITE Serqet by ArmachamCorp
Smite Art
Star Wars Models
Kinect Star Wars: Twi'lek Padawan Model by g1pno
Star Wars Art
Charmful Keitara by Joel1122334455
Skyrim Models
Skyrim - Daedric male by Tiffli
Skyrim Art
Splinter Cell Models
Splinter Cell Art
Soul Calibur Models
Taki-SCIII Mod Pack by Fighting-Game-Poses
Soul Calibur Art
Wood and Leafs by Joel1122334455
Tekken Models
Nina Williams Edonia MMod LLHX by LingLostHappinesXiao
Tekken Art

Mature Content

Sweet harmony with Miharu by dukenukemnever
The Walking Dead Models
The Walking Dead Art
The Wolf Among Us Models
Bigby Wolf (Shirtless) - The Wolf Among Us by JhonyHebert
The Wolf Among Us Art
Bigby Wolf  - The Wolf Among Us by JhonyHebert
The Last Remnant Models
The Last Remnant Art
Tomb Raider Game Models
Tomb Raider Mesh Models
Tomb Raider Lara Croft Catsuit model release by konradM96
Tomb Raider Art
Give Me A Reason by chainedtothatwall
Tomb Raider Mesh Mod Art
Tibetan Winter II by LexaHolmes
Watch Dogs Models
WATCH DOGS Clara Lille by ArmachamCorp
Watch Dogs Art
Wrestling Game Models
Wrestling Game Art
Anati the Divas Champion by Rehabhardcore
W.I.P. Art
God Eater 2 Rage Burst - The Den by DatKofGuy
Xna and XPS Tutorials
TUTORIAL: How to fix Root Ground Bug in XPS by XNALara-Fanatic
Pirates Treasure Hunters Models
i need more people to be in charge in case i disappear for a while...
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Livia25 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have question : can somebody port from Tekken6 Lee Chaolan in his tuxedo outfit and with his stage Violet System(how he appears in scenario campaign) and the giant robot NANCY with the stage CentralTower?
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